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Below you will find solutions to common phone service problems based on the type of phone service you have.. Traditional land-line service or VoIP (Voice Over IP)

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General Phone Line FAQ's

To access your Voice Mail:
  • Dial 509-888-9999
  • Enter your mail box number which is your 10 digit phone number
  • Enter your PIN then press #, the default PIN is 1234
  • Some areas may have a different voicemail number.  Please give us a call at 509-888-8888 for assistance if you cannot access your
People calling me are just getting a busy signal:

Reset your phone line by unplugging all devices that are plugged into this line and leaving them unplugged for 15 minutes. This will include all corded phones, cordless phone base stations, answering machines, satellite TV receivers, DSL modems, or anything else that has the phone line plugged into it. If you have any cordless phones, please also remove the batteries from the handset while performing the reset. After 15 minutes, plug just one phone back in, preferably a corded phone, and check for dial tone. If the dial tone is back, plug back in the remaining devices and the issue should be resolved. If the dial tone is not back, please give us a call at 509-888-8888 for assistance.

If you have static on your phone line:

Check to see if the static is occurring on all the phones in the house or just one. If it's just one, that phone will need to be replaced. If the static is on all the phones, you can take a corded phone outside to your phone demarcation box and plug it in. If that static is gone, the issue is internal in which we would be happy to resolve it for you but there may be a service charge. If the static is present outside, the issue is most likely on the ours or the PUD's end and will require a technician to be dispatched. Please give us a call at 509-888-8888 for assistance.

If you are receiving unwanted telemarketer calls:

Go to www.donotcall.gov to add your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry.  This should prevent telemarketers from calling your phone number for 31 days, after that you will need to reregister.  Another option for residential customers is to block the number.

If you are a residential customer and want to block a number from calling you:
  • As a residential basic pack customer, you can block up to 12 numbers but you must have the phone number to block it, "private caller" and "anonymous" numbers cannot be blocked.  To access this feature, follow these steps.
    • Lift the handset and listen for dial tone
    • Press *60
    • Listen to the voice-recorded instructions for Call Block option.  The phone numbers you enter on your Call Block list will be repeated to you.
    • The number of the last person who called you may be added to your Call Block list by following the voice recorded instructions.
    • If you want to add to your list or if your list is full, listen to the voice-recorded instructions. In some areas, to turn Call Block off, press *80
  • Note:  calls made to you from outside your defined calling area or through the operator may not be blocked.  This is for your protection in case of emergency.

Fiber Phone Line FAQ's

If all your fiber services, including fiber phone are down in Chelan County:

Every fiber connection in Chelan County has a power supply that was installed when the service was activated. This piece of equipment is a white or grey rectangle box measuring approximately 8” by 10”, will say “APC” or Powershield” and will be hanging on a wall and plugged into a standard outlet. This unit cannot get wet and is generally inside or in a covered box and will always be within 50 feet of the PUD's fiber box outside. If this unit gets unplugged or loses power, all fiber services will drop within a few minutes to a few hours. Once you find this box, please verify that it has two green lights on it, this will indicate if the unit is powered up or not. If not, check the outlet for a GFI reset button or your circuit breaker box to make sure a fuse hasn't blown. Once power is restored to the fiber box, all services will come back on within a few minutes. If this does not resolve your issue, please give us a call at 509-888-8888 for assistance.

If I have static on my phone line:

Check to see if the static occurs on every phone in the house. If it does, take a corded phone outside to your phone demarcation box and plug it in. If the static is there it is on our end. Give us a call and let us know. If the static is not there the problem is internal. We can still help you with that but there may be a charge.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) FAQ's

I have no dial tone but my internet is working:

Locate and power cycle the VoIP box by unplugging the power to it for 30 seconds. The VoIP box is generally a small white or black box that says Innomedia or TelcoSystems on it. If this does not resolve the issue, please give us a call at 509-888-8888 for assistance.

I have no dial tone and my internet is not working:

With VoIP phone service, if your internet is not working then your phone will lose dial tone. Please contact our Internet Tech Support department at 509-888-5700 to begin troubleshooting the internet. Once the internet issue is resolved, the VoIP phone service will begin working again.

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