Data - The One Thing That Is Irreplaceable

Think about it... Anything else in your business can be replaced: furniture, buildings, tools, computers and even people. There is one thing that if lost would be crippling to your business and impossible to replace... Your data.

Ask yourself, what if by fire, flood or theft, all of your sales, customer information or other business records for the last few months or even years was suddenly gone! How about even for the last week?

For most businesses this would be a serious, if not a deadly, blow.

A solid proactive backup plan can prevent this nightmare!

LocalTel's Backup Services will give you peace of mind!

RDS (Remote Data Storage)

Back up your important data 24/7

Back up and store your vital data off site in LocalTel's secure cloud servers. Back up at selected intervals, or mirror in real time, and restore your backed up data anytime you need to!

  • Schedule incremental Backups
  • Does not count against monthly data limits
  • Back up continually, hourly, daily, or weekly
  • Works with all common operating systems
  • Customize your backups to meet your needs
  • Call now for more information
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