Business Wireless Internet

SkyFi Business Features

    • Burst speeds up to 100Mbps -
      with our "Cloudburst Technology"
    • FLEX 25 -25Mbps Sustained
    • 1 Dedicated IP Address
    • 500GB Monthly Download Allowance (MDT)
    • Much faster than Satellite or DSL
    • Supports LocalTel VoIP Phone Service
    • 10MB Personal Web Space
    • Unlimited Tech Support
    • Powerful Virus & Spam Filters

Business installations can vary, installation cost is buy quote.

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assessment for your business.

*does not include applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges — price subject to change

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SkyFi Business Internet

Includes LocalTel owned antenna and/or wireless radio equipement.

Package Up To Speeds (burst speeds dependent on wireless connection) MDT Bandwidth Per Mo
Flex 25 Up to 100 Mbps Burst Speed*/ Flex 23x2 Mbps Sustained 500 Gigabytes


Flex 40 Up to 100 Mbps Burst Speed*/ Flex 40 Mbps Sustained 500 Gigabytes


Flex 60 Up to 100 Mbps Burst Speed*/ Flex 60 Mbps Combined/Sustained 500 Gigabytes


VLAN 20 20 X 20 Mbps Unlimited $149.95
per location
PTP 1.4 G Up to 1.4 Gbs combined Unlimited
Point to Point
Quote Only
* Wireless connections are subject to one of the following access fees. Please contact us for which fee affects your specific location.
Tower Access Fee Monthly Recurring Charge
TAF - Level 1 $3.95
TAF - Level 2 $4.95
TAF - Level 3 $6.95
TAF - Level 4 $9.95
TAF - Level 5 $19.95

*SkyFi is available in most of Chelan and Douglas Counties, to see if it is available at your location call our offices at 509-888-8888 and we will check the coverage for your location. A preliminary check will let us know if your location should be covered, a final site test is necessary for final determination.

*Taxes, fees and surcharges not included. Prices subject to change without notice.