Wireless Internet

Wireless Standard Features*

    • 250GB Monthly Download Allowance (MDT) 2
    • 100MB Personal Web Space
    • NETFLIX Ready - Great for Gaming
    • Unlimited Tech Support
    • 2 E-mail Boxes
    • 1-Gig of Email Storage
    • Web Access to E-mails

Available Plans

Speeds (Mbps) Per Mo*

10 down / 2 up


Custom services available
By Quote
Wireless Internet is available in most of Grant County. To see if it is available at your location call our offices at 509-888-8888 and we will check the coverage for your location. A preliminary check will let us know if your location should be covered. A final site test is necessary for final determination.

Get Wireless Internet

Contact us! A LocalTel representative will be able to map your location and see if Wireless Internet is available at your location.

Contact Information:

We will use this information to contact you between 8:00am - 5:30pm.

Physical Address to Receive Wireless Internet:

We will use this address to verify whether or not you are within the range of one of our wireless towers.

Comments or Questions:

*In emergency situations, 911 will not work if your internet is down.

*does not include applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges — price subject to change